Our innovations deliver precisely what the market demands.

Modern facades and roofs must satisfy many demands. They are supposed to withstand any weather, have the best insulation qualities, protect against noise, be visually appealing as well, of course – and much more. The market itself is making ever new demands on our products, inspiring us to forge new paths. This is how most ideas develop during our day-to-day work. In direct contact with building owners, architects and planners we learn where needs exist, which we then meet with intelligent product solutions.


Why our products can be both – aesthetically pleasing and functional.

RODECA products give any building its distinct character and emphasise its function. The individual aesthetic concept is generated by the intentional use of colourful construction elements – with the RODECA Design Series allowing for extremely diverse use. The spectrum is wide, ranging from 3D effects to phosphorescent surfaces. Special pigments for example reflect the infrared radiation, offering optimum protection against heat. Others ensure that the incidence of light is diffuse and glare-free. Colours are creative tools – and for RODECA even more.