The DUOCOLOR version is another possibility to produce a two coloured panel or even a two coloured Multi wall sheet. This version is available for our product 2550-10 out of our panel range and as well for premium segment of our Multi wall sheets in thicknesses from 25 to 50mm.

Special about DUOCOLOR version is colour separation in the middle of a panel or a multi wall sheets (due to the production process no exact separation in the middle can be guaranteed, differences from on production batch to another are possible).

For our 50mm thick panel with 10 layers in DUOCOLOR version are five outer layers coloured in one colour (e. g. Heatbloc S) and other five layers which tend to inside of a building in another colour (e. g. opal). Every thinkable colour combination is possible, only limitation is the production process which requires a certain minimum quantity per colour combination. From a minimum quantity of 300m² all DUOCOLOR combinations can be produced without additional surcharges for minimum quantity.