Crystal Design Centre - Bangkok

In November 2009 the biggest Design Centre in Asia opened. The "Crystal Design Centre" (CDC) includes nine vanguard looking buildings. 93.000m² overall floors with 300 Design stores, several conference halls, Design Studios, libraries and restaurants. For façade planning an architectural concept has been developed which considered different lighting conditions at day and night. By day buildings appear like modern office building complex. Caused by differently coloured panels at night an urban atmosphere with tropical flair is created. These differently coloured facades give unique impressions and help to orientate within the area.

Presumption for this façade concept was usage of a translucent building material. Facades of the CDC were made with 15,000m² of our panel 2540-4 in BICOLOR version. The BICOLOR version makes three-dimensional effects possible by colouring one inner layer in another colour than three outer layers of panel. Depending on perspective and daylight conditions lighting effects are different and quite impressive.<br/><br/>To reduce costs for climate control our panels have a HEATBLOC surface. Pigments of Heatbloc in outer layers reflect sun radiation and significantly reduce heat accumulation inside buildings. Additionally harming UV radiation is blocked from that special surface. The CDC is another example that facades not only have a protective function but also can and should be used to create special lighting conditions for inside and outside as well as translucent heat insulation for best possible energy efficiency.