PC 2530-4

Thickness 30mm



Our 30mm thick and four layered panel with a building width of 500mm is the ideal solution for roof and facade constructions where the insulation value doesn’t play a decisive role. The panel is manufacturable fully-coloured or in our standard colours crystal and opal which are ideal for industrial applications but even colourful constructions are possible. The panel is light weight and convinces with its ease in installation. Since years it is a demand product of our range.


PC 2540-4

PC 2540-4 MC

PC 2540-6

PC 2540-7

PC 2540-10

Thickness 40mm



The 40mm thick panels with proven groove and tongue connection are 500mm wide. They differ from number of layers which has significant influence onto the U-value of the panel. The U-values our 40mm panels range from 1.4 to approx. 1.0 W/m²K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2) depending on the chosen product and the installation situation. The perimeter frame profiles are available thermally broken and non-thermally broken. The panels can be easily connected to each other and are ideal for facade constructions as well as an optimal and long lasting solution for roof glazing.




PC 2550-10

Thickness 50mm

Our 50mm thick panel with a building width of 495mm has 10 layers and achieves –depending on installation situation – an Ucw-value of approx. 1.0W/m²K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2). The system is worldwide the first with a German general technical approval including thermally broken perimeter frame profiles. The panel is manufacturable in fully coloured or in the two coloured version “duocolor”.


PC 2560-12

Thickness 60mm





Our 60mm thick panel with a building width of 500mm has 12 layers and achieves – depending on installation situation – an Ucw-value approx. 0.87W/m²K (according to DIN EN ISO 10077-2). The German general technical approval is requested and shall be available in brief. This panel system is very interesting for premium industrial glazings and for roof glazing with appropriate minimum pitch as well as for every application with high demands on heat insulation.