ISOCLEAR – new 12-layer Panel PC 2560-12

As the leading manufacturer of translucent building elements Rodeca presents the first panels in 60 mm thickness with a 12-layer structure.This unique new product is based on many years of experience in developing and producing transparent building elements of polycarbonate.

The new geometry and 12-layer structure yields the following benefits.

Simpler construction
The new geometry and a new generation of anchors means the panels can bear greater loads. The feasible span is increased by up to 60 % compared to the current well-proven panels of 40 mm thickness. The design and financial requirements made of bases are thus greatly eased

Transparent thermal insulation
With a U-value 0.71 to 0.77 W/m2K ISOCLEAR sets new benchmarks in thermal insulation for facade and roof glazing. The insulation values laid down in the new german insulation regulations are far exceeded by the ISOCLEAR range. In view of climbing energy costs this is a decisive criterion in selecting suitable glazing elements for energy-efficient buildings.

The positive characteristics of the 40 mm light building elements well proven over many years such as air permeability of joints and hail and ball resistance are naturally also retained with the new panel.

The ISOCLEAR range yields a noise insulation value of 27 dB and contributes greatly to noise abatement as facade and roof glazing.

For further technical information you can contact our technical consultans.